Our Engagement

Jenn thought she was on her way to a matinée movie and lunch date, right up until Danny missed the freeway exit to LA Live and kept driving -- to San Diego. As it happened, that was the plan all along! Intending to recreate their first trip together, Danny made hotel and dinner reservations at the same spots they'd patronized so long ago, and planned to end the evening with a romantic walk on the beach and a fall to one knee. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned!

First, the hotel overbooked and forced a change of plans, resulting in Jenn catching a glimpse of the receipt showing just how much Danny had splurged on a suite for what was supposed to be an "impromptu" trip. Next, a quick walk to nearby La Jolla Cove seemed in order, but a spectacular sunset view just couldn't compete with Jenn's curious questioning of Danny's very out-of-character insistence on wearing a jacket. In his defense, he wasn't going to leave the contents of said jacket pocket out of his sight. Finally, the romantic steak dinner that was to foster loving conversation and a trip down memory lane ended up featuring some of the fastest table service in history -- we were in and out in under 45 minutes, with Jenn insisting on paying for dinner to offset the hotel costs. And though he made a valiant effort to pack an overnight bag with enough variety to suit Jenn's beauty and taste, Danny's choice of strappy sandals for Jenn's dinner ensemble was less than ideally suited for walking on the frigid sand beach at night.

In the end, none of it mattered. After exclaiming, “I’m too nervous I’m just going to do this now!” and getting down on one knee, Danny surprised Jenn with a stunning custom-designed ring (there may have been some CAD involved), ensconced in an LED-lit box -- because even though he forgot to pack her a hair brush, he remembered he’d be proposing in the dark. Jenn immediately began to cry, and while wearing the three year old running shoes she'd made Danny go back to the car and get before the walk, she accepted Danny’s proposal... which is the whole reason you’re reading this right now.