Our First Date

After some drunken interrogations of Jenn’s law school friends, Danny discovered that Jenn was a movie buff and had a healthy appreciation for the classics. So he asked himself, "Self, what's better than dinner and a movie? Clearly, dinner, a movie, and a cemetery."

Having been asked if she would like to go to a Cinespia screening of Bringing Up Baby at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, it was pretty clear to Jenn that Danny had no idea what going to a Cinespia screening really entailed... For those of you who have never been to Cinespia, it involves lining up mid-afternoon to ensure parking and a good spot for a movie that doesn't start until 9pm. Suffice to say there is a lot of down time! While sitting and waiting for the gates to open, Jenn and Danny tried hard to fill the awkward silence before eventually getting around to talking about Jenn’s aversions to certain foods. As Jenn detailed her distaste for mushrooms, mayonnaise and bananas, Danny mentally checked off each of the items he had packed and brought for their picnic. Things weren't looking great at this point!

The thing is, a typical first date of dinner and drinks will last maybe four hours, tops. By hour four of this date, the movie hadn’t even started. Jenn briefly thought about suggesting they call it a night and save themselves the next two and half hours of further awkwardness, but with 4th and long and the season on the line, Danny brought out the wine. Since Jenn’s philosophy is that anyone can handle anything with enough wine, she decided to stick it out. That night, Danny learned about Jenn’s awesome oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, the magic of Charles Shaw rosé, and to never try to feed Jenn chicken salad again.