How We Met

Danny and Jenn met one summer night in late June at the gross-chic bar "Q’s" in Old Town Pasadena. Jenn thought she was just meeting her old friend Analiese (of Groomsbro fame) for drinks, but instead she met up with some of Analiese’s friends from MIT. One of those friends was a handsome and snarky Cuban boy named Danny.

Because beer is the ultimate ice breaker, Danny offered to buy Jenn the classiest of on-tap beverages - a Blue Moon. Jenn then grilled Danny on whether working at JPL and living in Pasadena was anything like The Big Bang Theory, at which point Danny essentially agreed, excepting that he usually didn't land girls as hot as Penny -- yet.

Completely enamored by Jenn’s wit and charm, Danny looked Jenn up on Facebook right there at the pool table. This led to the first of many debates over whether she had too many Facebook friends and Danny's explaining his philosophy of only friending people he would be willing to drive to the airport, should they be in a pinch. After admitting that he would at least drive her to the Burbank Airport but probably not LAX, the seeds of everlasting love were planted. Danny found his future Penny, and Jenn found a ride to the Burbank Airport she didn’t even know she was looking for.